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Throughout our years of solar panel cleaning in Edmond OK, we’ve heard too often from homeowners that they rely on rainwater to clean their solar panels. Of course, rainwater can wash away some debris from solar panels. However, the cleaning that occurs from rainwater is minimal to none. Rainwater will not remove stuck-on dirt, grime, or debris from your solar panels. Instead, trust Archer Power Washing to clean your solar panels effectively through our professional panel washing services. Solar panels are a wise investment, but only if your solar panels are operating at full efficiency. Call us today to learn more about how we clean solar panels to ensure they function at peak performance and last for years.

Benefits Of Our Edmond Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Why bother having solar panels unless they’re working correctly? At Archer Power Washing, we believe that cleaning your solar panels is the most essential component of solar panel use that homeowners tend to neglect. So much gunk and grime can accumulate onto your panels, limiting their functionality. Our solar panel cleaning in Edmond OK helps leave your solar panels in a like-new condition.

We hand-select our team at Archer Power Washing with our core values in mind. Each of our professional crew members performs phenomenal solar panel cleaning in a flash while keeping homeowners updated throughout the process. We believe that excellent communication leads to a successful solar panel cleaning job every time. Our team will never leave a job unfinished and go the extra lengths to ensure the results are beyond your expectations.

Solar panels are often placed right on top of the house, allowing everyone to appreciate them. If your solar panels build up a layer of dirt and grime, your home’s attractiveness will dramatically fade. The curb appeal of your property will be instantly enhanced with sparkling clean panels that are visible from the street through our expert solar panel cleaning services.

Expert Solar Panel Cleaning In Edmond OK Beyond Compare​

At Archer Power Washing, we go above and beyond to help you protect your solar panel investment. Regular solar panel washing can help you increase the efficiency as well as prolong the lifespan of your panels. Depending on how much dirt and debris your solar panels have collected, you may be experiencing decreased efficiency. Help maximize the potential of your solar panels with our solar panel cleaning in Edmond OK! Not only will solar panel cleaning help them run more efficiently, but it will also keep them lasting longer. If you’re planning to sell your home, protecting attractive assets such as solar panels is a must!

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Frequently Asked
Solar Panel Cleaning Questions

To maintain efficiency, it is recommended that you wash your solar panels at least every six months to a year. Neglecting to clean your solar panels can cause you to lose some efficiency level and cause your panels to break down faster.

The time it takes to clean your solar panels will vary depending on how many panels you have and their location. On average, you can expect your solar panel cleaning to take a couple of hours.

Your solar panels can become dirty over time due to a variety of reasons. As your solar panels are exposed to harsh weather, it is to be expected that they will get dirty. Bird droppings, leaves, pollen, dust, dirt, and other debris can cause solar panels to malfunction as well.

Solar panel cleaning is generally priced by the project demands. This price will be determined by the number and condition of the solar panels that need to be cleaned. For a free personalized estimate, contact us by phone or use our online quote form.

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